November 26, 2019

"They are honest and fair, their prices are lower, they give a 5 year warranty, and they really care!"
August 23, 2019

"I am a realtor and have worked with this company for about a year now on behalf of my customers. Competitive bids, usually the best. They strive to meet your time schedule. Always dependable."
May 2, 2019

Rest assured

"Rest assured with Tim and active Mold Control... I'm a contractor/Manager that knows very little about mold. Tim came to rescue and assured me the apartment was safe but had high levels of humidity at 70.3 percent existed and now have a plan of attack for the problem rather than freaking out over some surface mold growing on some organic material..."
May 2, 2019

100% effective

"Very satisfied with the service I received. Starting from the initial inspection, followed by the report I received, and then with the way the work was performed. It was quick, at a convenient time, clean, and very professional. The problem seems to be corrected, nevertheless, I would wait to see a full weather cycle go by to attest that remedy was 100% effective."
April 4, 2018


"I left a message on AMC website and a few days later Spencer called me by telephone. I described the mold that had appeared in a closet on an outside wall, inlcuding temperature and humidity measurements which I had made in the closet. He immediately seemed to know the problem, recovery, and remediation. He kindly explained the problem in considerable detail, noting that it is a common occurrence in Portland, and that it was very unlikely to be "black mold." He also explained how I could clean up the problem and prevent it in future. He suggested no visit was likely necessary and made no charge. I am very thankful for his competence and am happy to give him this great review!"