Mold and Mildew in the Washing Machine? Try This!

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The invention of the washing machine has made doing large amounts of laundry efficiently much easier for everyone. If anyone’s washing machine were to break, they would want a technician to come out and fix it as soon as possible, because it’s an appliance that’s that important.

But if you have a front-loading washing machine, there’s a chance you’ve noticed some funky smells coming from it. This can be frustrating, because if your clothes don’t smell fresh after being washed, that defeats the purpose of washing them. Unfortunately, you might have mold or mildew in your washing machine in Portland, OR. If so, here are some tips to clean it out and make it smell fresh again.

Scrub the gasket

Most front-loading washing machines have a ribbed rubber gasket on the inside of the machine and the door. Because it attracts moisture, it needs to be scrubbed clean. You can start with a rag and either soapy water or mildew cleaner. A 50/50 mixture of bleach and water on a rag would also work. Be thorough and wipe all the way around the gasket, as well as underneath it. At this point, you may find lots of gross slime and grime—remove as much as you can with the rag, and scrub it with a pipe cleaner or an old toothbrush if you’re having trouble removing the muck.

Scrub the soap dispensers

Often, you can remove the soap dispensers from your washing machine, and doing so will make the process of cleaning them much easier. You can use a toothbrush and hot, soapy water to give them a scrubbing and wash away any stale standing water that can contribute to foul odors. If your model doesn’t allow you to remove them, wiping them with a soapy rag should suffice. It helps to be meticulous, and you should use a toothbrush and/or a pipe cleaner to get down into any cracks or crevices in and around the soap dispenser.

Run a washing cycle

Once you’ve scrubbed the inner parts of your machine, set it to the hottest temperature and longest run time you can. If your washer has a tub-cleaning cycle, run that. Now there are a few different solutions you can use, but bleach works the best for killing mold and mildew in your washing machine. Pour one cup of bleach directly into the tub of the machine and run your washer’s cycle completely. If the smell persists, run another cycle. If the smell lingers after two full cycles, try the process using specially-made washer cleaner from brands like Affresh, Tide, OxiClean or Lemi Shine.

Call to schedule an inspection today

If you have mold or mildew in your washing machine in Portland, OR, there are certain steps you can take to remove it. If the mold is deep in your home’s air vents, though, that’s a different story. In a case like that, we at Active Mold Control LLC would be happy to come out and take a look at your entire house. We have the experience, knowledge and ability to help keep your family safe from the potential health hazards posed by mildew and mold. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

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