Mold Prevention Tips for Basement Bathrooms

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Even if you’re great at keeping your bathroom squeaky clean, it’s still a spot where mold is likely to grow. This goes even more for a basement bathroom or any other damp, humid spot where moisture is likely to accumulate. It’s a good idea to take a number of precautions to prevent mold from growing in your bathroom.

Mold or mildew is a fungus comprised of many tiny organisms that send out spores to reproduce in wet places. It comes in multiple colors and varies in its level of danger to humans. Many people are allergic to mold, and exposure to it can lead to throat irritation, asthma and other respiratory conditions. Here are our leading mold prevention tips for basement bathrooms in Portland, OR.

Increased ventilation

A high level of humidity is going to occur in the bathroom whenever you take a shower, making it an ideal spot for mold to grow. Without sufficient airflow, moisture will attach to the floor and walls, creating a mold growth spot. In the basement, some level of moisture will already be present, again adding to the mold growth potential.

If you haven’t already, you should consider adding a bathroom fan to help with this issue. Keep the fan on for up to half an hour after each shower to clear the room. As much as possible, you should also leave the door and windows open following a shower to allow for better ventilation, which will remove excess moisture from your bathroom.

Remove excess moisture

Speaking of which, right after you shower, take a squeegee to the shower walls and tiles. A quick wipe is effective to remove a good deal of water and prevent mold growth. It’s also a good practice to clean the tub, sink and toilet on a weekly basis to remove any excess water.

Check the shower curtains and floor mats

While every place in the bathroom has the potential for mold growth, one likely hiding spot is any piece of cloth. When you step out of the shower, you leave a wet footprint or two behind, creating a great place for mold to form. Shower curtains are another likely culprit, as they remain wet long after a shower. If you find a cotton, nylon or hemp shower curtain, you can avoid this problem by washing it in hot water regularly, then leaving it outside to dry.

Are you looking to prevent mold in a bathroom in Portland, OR? Perhaps you already have a mold situation that requires some expert attention. For 15 years, Active Mold Control LLC has been inspecting, testing and removing mold and mildew in homes around the region. Our team of experts is licensed, bonded and insured.

The reality is that mold can be a serious problem, causing allergies and other health-related issues. The professionals at Active Mold Control LLC will conduct a thorough inspection and test your home for mold spores and mildew. Our comprehensive inspection includes a moisture test for damp areas where molds are most commonly found. Don’t wait—contact us right now to learn more!

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