Five Reasons Your Black Mold Problem Still Isn’t Gone

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In wet environments like ours in Portland, OR, constant black mold infestation is all too common. Customers regularly call us asking how to fix recurring black mold, or why black mold comes back. The answers often lie in the wrong remediation techniques or a failure to address the source of the mold problem at its root. Here are five common reasons why a black mold problem never went away:

  • Keeping infected items: Most homeowners are reluctant to get rid of items once they are purged of mold growth. It’s understandable—people prefer to clean flooded carpets or mats rather than replace them. The same is true for clothing and other treasured items that were once infected with mold. Unfortunately, even after cleaning and drying thoroughly, mold can remain. You just aren’t able to see it, and only change the appearance, not the problem. Mold recurrence becomes inevitable unless you purge after a black mold invasion.
  • Wrong cleaning techniques: In this time of COVID-19, many consumers believe bleach kills everything. While it is an excellent disinfectant, the idea that bleach kills mold is a myth. It merely changes the color of mold to white or a clear shade. Also, now that you can’t see it to get rid of it, mold thrives under this new invisibility. Therefore, you start getting sick from mold spores again, and also something else: the mold spores bring the bleach fumes with them. That’s why it’s better to hire a mold expert than trying to address it yourself with household cleaning items.
  • Less-than-thorough paint removal: If you are replacing current paint in a room with a mold-resistant option, be sure to remove all of the original paint. Otherwise, you risk painting over remaining mold where it will remain viable and ready to pollute your home. This will make mold difficult to remove, and you will likely not see it until it starts making your household sick. So, if you are painting, use a sander or other rented equipment to make sure all the original paint is removed.
  • Leaks: Poor ventilation and leaking pipes create a mold paradise. If you invest in mold remediation, but never fix the leaks and improve ventilation, it will return, since its ideal environment remains. Reduce condensation by sealing windows and cracks, but also fix any plumbing issues in a timely manner. Use fans or hire a contractor to ventilate dark and stuffy places like basements and attics.
  • Old cardboard boxes: Many storage techniques are simply “out of sight, out of mind.” People often do not think of how they store their items as long as they are out of the way. This means using cardboard boxes or anything else that is available. However, cardboard is mold fodder. Replace cardboard storage boxes with sealing plastic bins and you will give mold fewer opportunities to appear.

Active Mold Control LLC is your mold prevention expert in Portland, OR. Not only can we discover and remove mold, but we can also keep it from returning. Call us today to fix recurring black mold issues and live in a healthier and happier home.

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