Four Signs Your Children Are Exposed to Mold

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Children spend 90 percent of their time indoors. COVID-19 has not improved on this statistic, which makes children staying inside and being exposed to indoor contaminants a persistent reality. This situation is exposing children to mold, and as symptoms arise, you will see that children and mold are not a good combination. Your best solution is early awareness of contamination so you can order mold remediation. Here are four signs of children having been exposed to mold in Portland, OR:

  • Chronic respiratory issues: Children’s immune systems are more reactive, and once exposed to mold, they will suffer frequent colds and respiratory issues. Once this process starts, they will face reactions to mold, whether it is present at home or at school. This can lead to chronic conditions like asthma if you do not treat the mold and health issues. If your kids seem to constantly catch colds or sinus infections, check your indoor air conditions at home.
  • Headaches: Adults experience headaches from mold exposure. However, since we often get them anyway from stress, hormones or eye strain, it can be difficult to distinguish these headaches from mold-induced ones. When children start getting frequent headaches, there is often an environmental cause. Assuming your carbon monoxide alarms are not sounding, there is likely a mold problem. Arrange for a home inspection so you can get to the root of these headaches quicker.
  • Abnormal fatigue: If your normally active children complain of fatigue and want to sleep all day, first see if they are actually sleeping at night. Once you confirm that they are sleeping normally, start looking at environmental causes, including mold. While kids may feel more exhausted now due to the current crisis, it is still not normal if they are always sluggish and unable to enjoy their favorite activities. Mold infestation can be a cause of these symptoms.
  • Bed wetting: Mold affects antidiuretic hormones that allow children to wake up to use the bathroom. If your kids are normally good about waking up and not wetting the bed, pay attention if that behavior appears. For younger children, this can also make toilet training more difficult, or you may notice your preteens and teens using the bathroom more frequently. Once you schedule a doctor appointment, call and schedule a mold inspection, too.

Once you confirm mold exposure, remove children from the environment. Use saline sinus rinses to help reduce symptoms, and encourage more outdoor play. Fortunately, mold remediation is considered an essential service, so you should be able to find a professional willing to act on the problem immediately. It is important to act to address the mold, because otherwise, your children’s symptoms will return.

Exposing children to mold leads to chronic issues that affect quality of life. You can reduce that exposure by hiring an experienced mold remediation and prevention service. The team at Active Mold Control LLC has been reducing the signs of children exposed to mold in Portland, OR for decades. Contact us today to arrange for an inspection.

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