The Top Seven Ways to Keep Any Bathroom Ventilated

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No room in your home experiences more wear and tear as a result of moisture than the bathroom. Showering and bathing create huge amounts of steam that can lead to problems, including mold. Bathroom mold in Portland, OR can result in breathing difficulties for your family at worst, as well as just create the need to clean and paint more than you might prefer to. Not every bathroom has a window, however. With this in mind, it’s important to understand some strategies homeowners can use to mitigate mold in bathrooms without windows:

  • Let the steam out: First off, always make sure you open your bathroom door after you finish taking a shower or a bath. Chances are, a lot of steam has accumulated, and the quicker you can get it out of the room, the better the chances you’ll have of preventing mold in bathrooms without a window in Portland, OR.
  • Remove anything wet: Don’t keep items like bath mats or robes in the bathroom if they’re wet, or at the very least hang them up to dry. Keeping these items dry is a big part of controlling moisture and therefore preventing bathroom mold in Portland, OR.
  • Invest in a squeegee: Bathroom squeegees are much more common in other parts of the world, but they can help Americans as well. Think of them as a handheld windshield wiper that will scrape the water off of any tiled surface in your bathroom. If you direct this water towards the drain, you’re going a long way towards controlling its continued presence in the room.
  • Mop it up: Be sure to not have any standing water in your bathroom after bathing, since this can lead to mold proliferating and create the need to call in mold mitigation professionals if left unchecked. You can even leave a mop in the bathroom, but be sure to store it in such a way that it’s allowed to dry out between uses.
  • Run a fan: It’s worth bringing in a circular or box fan to help move the air around the bathroom. This will help speed up the process of moving the moist air out of the space and help ensure you don’t wind up with bathroom mold in Portland, OR.
  • Dehumidifiers work well: A small dehumidifier unit can also help keep moisture and dampness under control in any bathroom, ensuring the air moves enough to get wet air out of the space and preventing mildew from proliferating.
  • Consider installing a fan: One of the most popular options for mold control in bathrooms with no windows in Portland, OR is a fan ventilation system. These lead directly to the outside and can run before, during and after a shower so you can rest assured that all moisture is easily flowing out of the room with minimal effort required on your part.

Mold and mildew mitigation are priorities for any homeowner, especially in bathrooms where they can easily proliferate and spiral out of control. If you need additional help getting these problems in check, consider calling our team at Active Mold Control LLC for assistance—we’d love to earn your business!

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