EPA Taking Action at Cleanup Sites During COVID-19

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COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, has affected every facet of American life since the virus was brought to the public’s attention in March. This includes environmental cleanup sites, which are governed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has issued guidelines for cleanup sites during coronavirus in Portland, OR.

Thanks to our services as an essential business for protecting community health, Active Mold Control LLC remains open throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We are proud to comply with all federal, state and local mandates to ensure both our safety and the safety of our customers.

Here’s an overview of the EPA’s current action plan for COVID-19—and if their standards change, rest assured that Active Mold Control LLC will stay on top of any new developments:

  • Site cleanup will be on a case-by-case basis: Depending on a cleanup site’s location and other factors, the EPA will evaluate whether to suspend or continue operations “on a case-by-case basis and in consultation with other EPA offices, as appropriate.” Its goal is to protect the health and safety of its workers, the general public and the environment while still being available to prevent or respond to disasters when necessary.
  • Cleanup stage will be a deciding factor: The EPA plans to apply the case-by-case standard to all cleanup sites led by federal, state and local authorities, along with considering where the site is in the cleanup and response process. For example, cleanup duties that are already underway are likely to be allowed to continue, whereas those that are in the planning stages may see some delays during the pandemic.
  • Remote work will continue: Any work that can be done remotely, such as negotiation, documentation and reports and modeling work, can and should continue during this time, as long as it can be done remotely and safely.
  • Periodic evaluations necessary: As the pandemic progresses, the EPA encourages cleanup sites to reevaluate whether there’s a present and pressing need for cleanup services. The staff should also consider whether anyone on the team has been exposed to or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, and take preventative measures as required.
  • Emergency response continues: As always, if there’s an emergent need for site cleanup, the EPA will permit it—this includes situations where groundwater is poisoned, cleanup is necessary to prevent a catastrophic event and other situations where delay would cause serious health and environmental problems.

As you can imagine, there’s a delicate balance between serving public and environmental health needs, but the EPA seems to be taking a common-sense approach to the cleanup of sites during coronavirus in Portland, OR and beyond.

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