Why You Shouldn’t Paint Over Mold

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Mold growth is common in homes across the country, especially if there’s been recent flooding or water damage. The first thought some homeowners or property managers have is to cover it up with a fresh coat of paint. However, this isn’t a good idea! Though new paint makes the area look better, it certainly doesn’t solve the mold problem. Continue reading to learn more about the dangers of painting over mold and why mold remediation in Portland, OR should be your first step:

  • Paint doesn’t stop spores: Mold spreads by emitting spores in the air, which travel throughout your home. Even though it’s covered up, your new coat of paint won’t stop the mold from spreading its spores. Soon enough, you might have mold throughout your home thanks to just a few spores floating through the air.
  • Mold can leak through: Since the new paint doesn’t kill the mold, it can still keep growing and growing on your wall or ceiling. Eventually, that mold can seep through the paint and reappear. Painting over it turns into a never-ending cycle of applying coats of paint to cover up the mold.
  • Legal ramifications: If you’re a property manager and you only paint over mold instead of having it removed, you could find yourself in some serious trouble with the law. Since mold is a health issue, a future tenant or buyer could sue you for negligence or for not disclosing the mold issue upfront.

Signs that mold has been painted over

If you recently moved into a new home or apartment, check for the following signs to ensure that there isn’t any mold that’s simply been covered up with a coat of paint:

  • Bad odor: Mold and mildew have a nasty, musty smell that’s reminiscent of being in an old basement. If you smell that anywhere in your home, there’s a good chance you have a mold problem.
  • Bubbling paint: As mentioned above, mold can still seep through the new paint. Before it breaks all the way through, it’ll cause the paint to bubble up or crack a little bit.
  • Brown or dark stains: If painted-over mold is really bad, you’ll notice some dark spots on your walls. Don’t just try to wash it off! Instead, you’ll need to call a professional for help.

What should be done?

So, if you can’t paint over mold, what should you do instead? The answer is easy: call a professional for mold remediation in Portland, OR! A mold remediation expert will find the source of the mold, remove it and treat the affected area so that there are no more spores, and it’s no longer a threat to your safety. Though remediation isn’t as cheap as painting over the mold, it’s the only way to guarantee that the mold is gone once and for all.

Have you noticed signs that mold has been painted over, or do you currently see mold growing in your home? Then call our team at Active Mold Control LLC to schedule an inspection today. Nobody can top our prices or level of service when it comes to mold remediation in Portland, OR.

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