Children May Be More Susceptible to Mold

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Children, as well as elderly people and those with compromised immune systems, are at a higher risk of suffering from a range of potential health issues. This means that children may also be more susceptible to the health risks associated with mold.

Household mold growth can cause a range of problems, ranging from simple allergic reactions to terrifying neurological reactions, depending on the type of mold that’s growing and its prevalence within your living space.

Infants and children living with asthma or other respiratory problems are especially vulnerable to the potential health impacts of living in a moldy environment. While most household molds simply cause an irritated throat and a dry cough, it’s important to realize that some molds generate mycotoxins, which affect the brain and can cause a range of serious health issues.

If you see mold growing in your house or apartment, you should consult with a mold removal expert as soon as possible. Even if you don’t see any mold growth in your home, scheduling a mold inspection in Portland, OR can help you ensure that you’re keeping your little ones safe and sound:

  • Skin irritation: One of the most common side-effects of mold exposure is skin irritation, which is even more common in children. Children and babies have delicate skin that’s extra vulnerable to infection. Some types of mold growth may even cause a yeast infection at some point, particularly in babies.
  • Sore, bleary eyes: Bleary and sore eyes are another common side effect of exposure to many types of toxic mold. If your child’s eyes are red, itchy and watery, there’s a strong chance that they’re suffering from the effects of mold exposure. Consult with your physician, and then reach out to a company that handles mold removal in Portland, OR.
  • Respiratory issues: Asthmatic children are particularly vulnerable to the ill effects of mold exposure. Children with existing allergy conditions are also more susceptible to suffering from mold exposure. If your child is sneezing uncontrollably at home, or if they’re feeling tightness of breath or demonstrating a dry, shallow cough, call for a mold inspection in Portland, OR immediately.
  • Neurological problems: There are a number of mold types called “toxic mold” that generate unique, highly potent mycotoxins capable of causing serious neurological problems. Symptoms may range from a headache to paranoia and hallucinations. Children are especially susceptible to the neurological problems caused by toxic mold because they’re so much smaller than adults.

For more than a decade, Active Mold Control LLC has been a trusted provider of mold removal in Portland, OR. We’re proud to provide our clients with comprehensive inspections and testing services. We perform thorough checks looking for mold growth before analyzing and removing any fungus that may be growing inside your home. We also offer a range of remediation and prevention strategies for our clients. To learn more about ways that we may be able to help you navigate your mold problem, please reach out to one of our friendly representatives today.

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