Can Mold Grow in My Car?

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Somehow, mold manages to grow seemingly everywhere. It is often found festering on the bottom of the bathroom shower curtain, lurking in the damp corners of the basement and even hiding in the corners of kitchen cabinets. But you might be wondering if your car is at risk of becoming a target of mold. Unfortunately, mold can grow inside of a car—and it actually happens quite frequently. A car is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Only a small amount of mold is needed for mold to start growing on the carpets or the car seats. All it takes is a set of damp clothes forgotten in the back seat or a leak during a rainstorm to find mold has spread throughout the vehicle.

Wet climates, including the Pacific Northwest, are especially prone to mold and mildew problems in cars. The mold can cause serious damage to the vehicle and make it practically impossible to sell. The presence of mold can even affect the health of both the driver and passengers, as they breathe in the mold spores every time they step into the car. Let’s answer some of the most common questions about this unpleasant natural phenomenon and learn about how mold remediation services in Portland, OR can help.

What makes mold grow in my car?

Car mold occurs when moisture, air and other organic matters become trapped inside of the car. Typically, the moisture enters the vehicle through a leaky seal, an undetected entry point or even through the sunroof during a rainstorm. The humid and stale conditions are the perfect climate for rapid mold growth once the moisture enters the car. It will grow on practically any surface, including on the carpets, headrests, seat belts, seats and even in the trunk!

Can it affect my health?

Driving around in a moldy car can be detrimental to your health. Repeated and prolonged exposure to mold can cause eye irritation, exacerbate respiratory problems, trigger asthma or even cause an infection. Children, the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system are even more vulnerable.

Can the mold be removed?

Drivers can attempt to remove the mold themselves, but there’s no guarantee it won’t flare up again. The only way to permanently remove mold from your car is with the help of a professional mold remediation service in Portland, OR. A qualified team will use a variety of mold removal and remediation techniques to combat any damage that has already occurred before taking the necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t become a problem again. This is done through a combination of testing, deep cleaning and detoxification processes. They will also be able to provide important preventative care to keep your car mold-free for years.

Do you have a car mold problem? Let the professionals at Active Mold Control LLC take care of it. Our team of professional mold removal technicians will be able to remove the mold without any damage to your car. Call us today to learn more!

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