Preventing Pink Mold During Humid Summers

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No one enjoys humidity. Unfortunately, high humidity is a fact of life during the warm Oregon summers. The damage of humidity extends to far more than just frizzy hair and sweaty legs. Humidity can increase the likelihood of mold growth during the summer season. Pink mold seems to inevitably appear in bathrooms across the Pacific Northwest from the months of May to August. The unmistakable pink rings and streaks are actually a biofilm formed by colonies of a bacterium known as Serratia marcescens. The fuzzy and slimy looking mold favors damp areas, such as a shower curtain or the grout between bathroom tiles.

Humid conditions fuel mold growth, and the problem becomes even worse during the summer. Continuously breathing in the mold spores can cause a number of different health problems, including breathing difficulties, gastrointestinal issues, meningitis, pneumonia and even urinary tract infections. Both the elderly and children are especially vulnerable to the effects of pink mold. Luckily, homeowners can work toward pink mold prevention in Portland, OR by following these easy tips:

  • Keep clean: The most basic and effective way to prevent pink mold growth is to keep the bathroom clean. Thoroughly scrub every surface in the bathroom to remove any developing growth. Then, treat any hard surfaces with a disinfectant. Take special care to clean any soap and shampoo residue immediately, as any leftover soap scum could end up feeding the mold.
  • Ventilate: The chance of mold growth increases exponentially in humid environments. Ventilate the bathroom to prevent any excess moisture in the air. Switch on the exhaust fan before showering. Leave the fan running for about 20 minutes after getting out of the shower to help reduce the humidity levels.
  • Remove moisture: Wipe down the bathroom walls with a squeegee or towel after taking a shower or bath to remove lingering moisture.
  • Replace the shower curtain regularly: The shower curtain is a haven for pink mold. The mold will grow onto the bottom of the shower curtain because it tends to stay damp for hours following a shower. Replace or wash the shower curtain at least twice a year to stop mold growth.
  • Hire a licensed plumber: This is your best defense when it comes to mold prevention in Portland, OR. A licensed plumber will be able to identify and repair any leaks quickly. An undetected leak can drip water for months, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow.

How to remove mold

Removing pink mold can be tricky. Never attempt to clean away any mold without wearing the proper protective gear, including gloves, a breathing mask and goggles. Avoid letting your skin come into direct contact with the bacteria. Once you’re suited up, use a loose paste of baking soda and dish detergent to scrub the affected areas. Then, rinse well before spraying with a solution of water and bleach. Scrub and rinse again after about 10 minutes to ensure all traces of the mold have been cleaned off.

Removing pink mold can be incredibly tricky—leave the work to the professionals at Active Mold Control LLC. Call us today to learn more about how we can help with mold prevention in Portland, OR!

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