Mold in Commercial Buildings and Schools

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Long-term exposure to mold can lead to a number of health conditions that affect the respiratory system. To avoid this, commercial buildings and schools should be inspected for mold regularly, as people tend to spend long periods of time in these kinds of facilities. Don’t procrastinate on getting a mold inspection in Portland, OR, as waiting can do significant damage to your building. Here’s how.

Mold Continues to Spread

While mold can’t be eliminated completely, it can be kept under control so that it exists in levels so low that they won’t cause health issues. Unfortunately, if the mold isn’t properly maintained, it can spread uncontrollably. Mold grows by producing spores which float through the air until they find a moist area to land on. It is then able to flourish and expand, eventually destroying the wood or plaster it has attached itself to. Since these spores are invisible to the naked eye, it’s difficult to control mold growth without the assistance of a professional.

Mold Causes Health Issues

The spores that float through the air can cause numerous health problems for those who are exposed to mold over an extended period of time. Some of the more serious health concerns are chronic coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing. Black mold poisoning can lead to headaches, rashes or chronic fatigue and requires medical attention right away. Less severe health conditions include asthma and allergic reactions that cause itchy eyes, sneezing fits and a runny nose. Children are particularly susceptible to these effects.

Mold Grows from Moisture

If a building has a mold issue, then there’s a moisture problem at the root of it all that needs to be addressed. Moisture can be caused by a number of things, including roof leaks, a damaged building foundation, full gutters and old windows. It’s important, once you have a mold inspection performed, that you not only have the mold removed but also see that the cause of any excess moisture is eliminated. Otherwise, you’ll likely have a mold problem again before you know it.

Mold Reduces Property Value

Failing to keep your property’s mold problem under control can significantly reduce its value. You don’t want to wait until you’re trying to sell to have a mold inspection performed, as this can result in costly repairs due to years of neglect. If the damage is too severe, you might even have trouble selling the property at all.

Mold Destroys Furniture

As mold continues to spread and cling to walls, floors, furniture and other belongings, it will also eat away at the fabric or material. Regardless of what it’s made of, mold will destroy anything in its path, leaving you with costly repairs. Additionally, you’ll need to replace anything contaminated by the mold in order to keep it from spreading.

Prevent costly damage and health issues by having your school or commercial building undergo a mold inspection in Portland, OR right away. Call us today at Active Mold Control LLC and schedule an inspection with one of our qualified experts. Upon completing the inspection, our mold removal specialists can then clean up your building and get it back in top shape.

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