How Does Mold Removal Work?

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Mold can be a serious health risk. Its spores can be toxic when inhaled, ingested and even when they come in contact with the skin––which is why if you have mold in your home, it’s a problem you need to take seriously. Luckily, mold removal isn’t a mysterious process. It’s relatively straightforward and simple, and if done the right way, and with regular upkeep after the fact, mold removal in Portland, OR should allow your home to be 100 percent mold free for life. In this blog, we’ll explain the basics of mold removal.

Mold removal at its most basic

At its simplest, mold removal is pretty easy. You’re removing the mold from a structure, and making the structure inhospitable to future mold growth so that it does not quickly move back. There may need to be testing done after the fact, as if you have mold you can see, there are likely areas where mold is growing that’s not yet apparent. You want to be sure you have eradicated the mold 100 percent at the end of the process. Every mold removal job focuses on mold removal, moisture removal, preventing further contamination and testing. Let us explain the techniques used for each step more specifically.

Mold removal techniques used by professionals

  • The work area should be totally sealed off with plastic to avoid cross contamination.
  • Antifungal chemicals can be used to clean mold and the resultant stains. Occasionally, in extremely serious cases, some of the underlying surface (e.g. plaster) may have to be replaced. Usually a cleaner followed by a sealer can solve the problem.
  • In serious mold infestations, your air ducts will likely need to be cleaned of spores, and your mold removal contractor may suggest a negative air containment, which uses positive pressure to push air into your home, which cycles contaminated air out.
  • Any chronic moisture problems have to be dealt with. Moisture stains, like mold stains, can usually be dealt with with a paint-on sealer, though sometimes moisture damage will require you to replace the underlying material (e.g. drywall).
  • Minor mold issues can be dealt with on your own, just by cleaning the mold and sealing and repainting the stain. In extreme cases, you’ll require not just remediation to your building materials, but will need extensive air scrubbing too.
  • Even for a small patch of mold, make sure to use proper safety equipment. Professionals use an air filtration mask and vinyl gloves, at the very least, for every job. And for some jobs, we use protective suits, not just to protect ourselves from the mold spores, but from the harsh chemicals as well.

Call for mold removal in Portland, OR

If you and your home or business are in need of mold removal in Portland, OR, or anywhere in southwest Washington or northwest Oregon, please give us a call here at Active Mold Control LLC. Our staff members have been working as environmental professionals for nearly 40 years, and there’s essentially no mold problem we aren’t equipped to handle. Don’t wait—mold can be a serious problem for even the healthiest person. Do your body a favor and get 100 percent mold removal as soon as you can. Give us a call today, and let’s set up your appointment for mold removal in Portland, OR!

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