What You Need to Know About Mold Growth in the Winter

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Mold is the last thing you’re thinking about when the weather outside turns frightful. Dangerous ice, frigid cold, inclement storms and more all take precedence on the list of wintertime concerns. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean mold is any less of a danger—it’s just one we tend to think about less.

The fact is, mold growth in the winter months is a very real thing and, because we don’t pay attention to it, it can be a very dangerous thing. Unchecked mold growth can occur quickly, leading to unsafe conditions in your home. Not only this, but its effects will linger until you pay for comprehensive mold removal in Portland, OR.

To ensure you’re not caught up in a messy mold situation this winter, it’s critical to stay abreast of this threat. That starts with understanding what you’re up against.

The facts about winter mold

It may seem like it’s too cold for mold to take root in the winter. That’s true… outside. Inside your home, however, the conditions have never been better. A blaring furnace and great heat retention properties make your home an inviting nest for mold growth throughout the season! Here’s what happens:

  • Your furnace blows hot air throughout your home, keeping you warm
  • Warm air is retained by your home’s insulation, raising the internal temperature
  • Condensation occurs in areas where warm interior air meets cold exterior temps
  • Condensation forms an environment for mold growth in areas that become damp

Remember, mold loves cool, damp places. This makes your basement, attic, utility closets and other areas the perfect sites for proliferation.

Also important to consider is the heavy reliance on circulated air during the winter months. You’re not going to be opening any windows, which means any air in your home is passing through your furnace and being re-circulated throughout your home. If mold spores get caught up in this circulation, they’ll easily spread.

Stay vigilant

The biggest mistake many homeowners make during the winter is assuming that if they can’t see mold, it doesn’t exist. Few homeowners are going to rip back their wallpaper or duck deep into a crawlspace to see if there are spores present! The solution is to make sure you’re not allowing mold-forming conditions in your home. Some simple tips include:

  • Use a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low
  • Use ceiling fans to circulate air in your rooms better
  • Use an efficient thermostat that doesn’t blow constantly
  • Check frequently for mold growth in less-used areas

Get rid of mold

The moment you even suspect you might have mold growth anywhere in your home, it’s paramount you call for professional mold removal in Portland, OR. A remediation expert will be able to eradicate the mold, check for additional growth and help you identify the conditions that enabled this growth in the first place.

Keep your senses alert for mold growth this winter and save yourself the many headaches that can come with unchecked mold. When you’re confident there’s no mold festering in your home, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters this season: staying warm and avoiding all of the pitfalls that come with winter weather!

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