We’re Streamlining Our Mold Removal Services in Portland, OR with Housecall Pro

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In a society that is increasingly reliant on advances and development in technology and software, it’s no wonder why so many small businesses are beginning to move towards a more automated model. Software that is designed to provide businesses with a streamlined client-facing dashboard can make a huge difference in the way that business is done in a variety of different industries. With features that can encompass everything from dispatching and scheduling to invoices and payments, there are a variety of benefits that customers and businesses can enjoy when businesses employ these types of digital services.

The benefits of customer service software

At Active Mold Control LLC, we have been providing comprehensive mold removal services in Portland, OR for years, but we know that there is always room to grow. One way that we have endeavored to improve the service experience for our customers is by using Housecall Pro, a system that is designed to streamline the projects that we work on for our customers. Although Housecall Pro might make some aspects of the process a little different for our customers, we are confident that, after gaining more familiarity with the system, our clients will be able to enjoy these and many other benefits through an efficient and easy-to-use dashboard:

  • Streamlined scheduling and dispatching: Housecall Pro makes the scheduling process much easier for everyone involved. When a customer books an appointment, employees are immediately able to view the job in a scheduling dashboard. Appointments that are booked appear in the scheduling dashboard immediately, and it is easy to see when and where a technician will be dispatched. This makes it easy for our employees to access appointment information and ensures that our customers are getting services that are prompt and on time.
  • Easy tracking: Housecall Pro offers chat and mapping features, which make it much easier to track the location and status of technicians. This means that we are able to determine when our team arrives at your location to begin service.
  • Communication: One of the things that we are excited about here at Active Mold Control LLC is the invoicing and payment features that Housecall Pro offers. The invoicing and payment features make it much easier for customers to pay and offer a detailed invoice that is clear and accurate. If you are a return customer to Active Mold Control LLC and you have used our mold removal services in Portland, OR before, you might notice that the communications that you receive from us look a little bit different. This is all a part of the new dashboard, and it should make everything much easier for our customers.

No matter the extent of the mold damage in your home, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive services, including inspection, remediation and prevention. At the first sign of mold or mildew, contact our team so that you can avoid the damage to your home and risks to your health that fungal growth can cause. You can find out more about the new Housecall Pro system online or by giving our team a call today.

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