Effects of Mold on Your Health

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In the rainy Northwest, mold is a common household issue that can affect homes and apartments of all ages and sizes. Molds and mildews, however, can have detrimental effects on those who suffer from long-term exposure to them. Learning about the types and concentrations of mold in your home can help you determine if medical treatment is necessary after mold exposure. Mold testing in Portland, OR is an essential part of removing mold from your living space.

Depending on the type of mold you are being exposed to, you could be suffering from a myriad of dangerous conditions. Here are just some of the adverse symptoms you can experience if you have mold growing in your home or apartment:

  • Respiratory symptoms: The most common effects suffered by those who have had mold exposure are related to the respiratory tract. Particularly in individuals with allergies or asthma, mold exposure can cause long-term lung damage, and may even result in pneumonia.
  • Brain responses: Certain mold species produce what are known as mycotoxins, which affect brain health. With long-term exposure, individuals can suffer from fatigue, irritability, depression and even hallucinations in extreme cases. Mold testing in Portland, OR can help you determine if you have been exposed to mycotoxins.
  • Skin conditions: Rashes and other skin conditions can be caused by certain types of mold exposure. Some types of mold can actually feed off of or grow on human skin tissue, and may cause permanent scarring if left untreated. Conducting mold testing in Portland, OR at your home and having the mold removed is an important step toward recovery.
  • Nausea: If you are suffering from constant nausea, you may be experiencing a symptom of mold exposure. Mold can cause a wide variety of symptoms in those who suffer from related allergies, and consistent nausea and loss of appetite are all-too-common side effects.

Treating mold- and mildew-related illnesses can often require extended hospital stays and long periods of time on costly anti-fungal medications. The psychological effects of mycotoxin exposure can be permanent, and long-term respiratory damage is often unavoidable if you are living in a mold-infested area.

Homes in the Pacific Northwest can frequently grow mold that is invisible to the naked eye, or that exists behind wallpaper or beneath floorboards. If you believe that your home is exposing you to mold or mildew, don’t delay in calling a professional for mold testing in Portland, OR. Even if you don’t think that your home is infested with mold or mildew, it is a good idea to have regularly schedule inspections just to be sure that you are not exposing yourself and your loved ones to the dangers of a potential fungal infection.

Active Mold Control LLC has been one of the premier providers of mold testing in Portland, OR and the surrounding communities for more than a decade. If you are suffering from mold exposure, contact one of our knowledgeable service professionals today to learn about how we can help you remove mold and test what kind it is. Call us now to learn about our full range of mold testing and mold removal services.

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