Seven Steps for Do-It-Yourself Black Mold Removal in Portland, OR

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Black mold is a dangerous home invader. If you or a household member have respiratory sensitivities, it causes allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Even healthy people will experience symptoms that will not go away until you remove the black mold. It is possible to undertake black mold removal in Portland, OR as a DIY project, but it will take work—and a lot of time. Here are seven steps to take to complete this task:

  • Find it: Black mold thrives in moist environments. If you suspect it, check its common hangouts, including crawl spaces, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. You will recognize it by its black color and circular growing pattern; it looks like a series of dots. In some cases, it may be under floor boards or in the wall. Remove any wall panels, carpeting or wood flooring so you can access it.
  • Seal it in: Since black mold is airborne, you need to seal it. Cover doors and vents that will allow it to spread through your home. Use plastic sheets to cover the infestation to contain it even better. You need painter’s tape or construction tape to assure a strong seal between the mold and the rest of the environment. While this will minimize spread, there is still a chance that spores can get loose and infect other areas of your home. That is why you must start cleaning procedures immediately.
  • Ventilate: Before you start cleaning, ventilate the area. Mold is irritating, but so are the chemicals that kill it. Opens windows and turn on vents and fans. If you need to add portable fans to increase air circulation, do that, too. Fans and venting also push spores outside.
  • Protect yourself: You need to wear protective equipment so the mold and cleaning chemicals do not affect you. Purchase safety goggles. If you have eyewear for woodwork or other projects, those will help you. Find non-porous gloves designed for chemical exposure. Your ordinary kitchen gloves will not work here. If you are particularly sensitive, buy a mask or respirator. Make sure it is rated for chemical exposure and allergens.
  • Choose solutions carefully: Bleach and water is the most common mold killer. Some homeowners choose ammonia or vinegar, as they are also known for being effective. However, do not mix bleach and ammonia or either substance with other household cleaners. Doing that results in a chemical reaction, which can be deadly.
  • Start scrubbing: Wash the infected area first with warm water and liquid dish soap. Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove the mold and its spores. Dip the brush regularly to remove spores and clean again. You need to break up the mold to address it thoroughly.
  • Treat the area: Once you finish scrubbing, use your chosen cleaning solution to treat the area. Equal parts ammonia and water work, as does bleach and water. If you use the latter, use one cup of bleach with each gallon of water. Let it soak for 15 minutes and scrub again before drying the area with towels.

There is a good chance that even after completing all these steps, your black mold problem will remain. Rather than experience a return of this problem each year, call Active Mold Control LLC for black mold removal in Portland, OR done right the first time.

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