We Guarantee Our Mold Removal Services in Portland, OR

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Active Mold Control LLC offers effective mold removal services in Portland, OR. We are dedicated to making homes and offices healthier by removing mold and improving indoor air quality. After reviewing our many successful projects, we recently made some changes that are sure to give customers even more faith in our work. Here are six reasons why we should be your first choice for mold remediation:

  • Experience: We have been in the mold removal business for 16 years. Our customers include homeowners, realtors, landlords and business owners. We address many sizes of buildings and different levels of mold invasion. Even black walls in your restoration project are no match for us! Our staff members have up to 25 years of experience that they bring to our company and to your mold issue.
  • Expanded warranty: After years in this industry, we’ve decided to expand our warranty. A five-year warranty appeared reasonable and offered customer reassurance, but after many successful removal projects, we decided to strengthen this guarantee. Our remediation warranties now continue for 25 years. If you move out of your commercial or residential property, the warranty remains with the home, so subsequent owners can benefit from it, too.
  • Services for any situation: We perform mold inspection, remediation and prevention. This makes us the mold experts for whatever stage is challenging you now in regards to mold. All our services are reasonably priced for residential and commercial clients, so you do not have to suffer low air quality due to finances. Many customers face recurring mold and previous contractors never seemed to get it under control. With our wide range of services, we can find the reason for this development and remove the mold once and for all.
  • Certified and insured: Active Mold Control LLC is a certified mold inspection and removal company. That is not possible unless we secure the proper training and education regarding mold growth. Since we look to keep our knowledge updated, we can tackle the most challenging mold problems. You also never have to worry about claims against your homeowner’s policy when we work, because we are also licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Assessment first: Even if you only suspect mold and do not see other signs, we can still visit and assess whether you need mold removal. Our inspection services are vital in this regard, since not everyone has experienced mold in their buildings. This can save you money if symptoms or signs arise from another problem, or give you peace of mind before you buy a property. We are always available to consult and advise on the next steps.
  • Successful home sales: A mold inspection before you put your home on the market prevents unpleasant surprises during closing. Also, realtors often hire us to remove mold so they can move homes quicker. Mold is never a selling point, because it is an extra expense to remove it and it indicates an unhealthy home. We can change that for you so your home is more desirable to potential buyers!

Active Mold Control LLC offers guaranteed mold removal services in Portland, OR. Call us today to take advantage of our 25-year warranty and start spring with a mold-free home!

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