When Is Mold Removal in Portland, OR Necessary?

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The insidious thing about mold is that it is everywhere. Almost every home or building has at least a little bit of mold in it. In a wet climate like ours, it easily gets out of hand, and that is when you need professional mold removal in Portland, OR. Since mold can be dangerous, it is important to know when to make that call. Here are five signs that you require mold removal and remediation:

  • You see it: There are several species of mold, and you will not always see it, so this cannot be the only rule you rely upon when assessing whether the mold is dangerous. However, in cases of black mold, when you see it, you need to call someone in to take care of it. You may also notice that it takes on a sand granule or fuzzy-looking appearance.
  • Flood or water intrusion: Mold thrives on water and humidity, so anytime there is an abundance of either, you likely need help removing mold. If a pipe burst, a toilet overflowed or heavy rainwater invaded the lower story of a building, calling in mold removal professionals is a good precaution. Since most buildings contain mold and mold spores, that water event can spur new growth. In many cases, when you have intervention this early, you can prevent a mold outbreak and its associated symptoms. However, you do not always need water. If a condition caused humidity to increase, that is another reason to check for mold.
  • Discoloration in walls or floors: Mold consumes drywall paper and other elements that are used to build homes. If you see that your walls and floors are turning colors, it is likely due to mold. You are not just looking for black. Keep an eye out for pastel shades, gray, white, tan and red. Black mold is the most dangerous, but any of these can make people miserable, so you should address them immediately.
  • Musty smell: That faint musty smell you find in the basement or attic is most likely mold. Many times, this is not the mold itself as much as the conditions that lead to mold growth, like humidity and moisture. Since people vary in their sense of smell, pay attention to consistent complaints, even if they are only coming from one person. If you are hearing claims and seeing other signs, then it is most likely mold.
  • Symptoms: Household members and employees may respond to mold with cold-like symptoms. Congestion, allergy symptoms, headaches, fatigue and respiratory distress are among these signs. People with asthma or severe allergies will react to mold more, and it will be especially dangerous to them. Normally when they leave the area, the symptoms diminish, which often shows that it is mold and not a cold or other allergy. This can lead to long-term health problems and, if the mold is in a workplace, workers’ compensation claims.

Mold removal in Portland, OR is frequently necessary for health and safety when you live here. When your home or commercial property reaches this point, call Active Mold Control LLC to solve the problem.

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