Six Tips for Mold Prevention in Portland, OR

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Your home may be infested with mold without you even realizing it. Mold can grow undetected for months. Unfortunately, the mold may be threatening the health of your family even if you don’t know it’s there. Over time, the small mold spores can be inhaled into the lungs, resulting in a number of health problems—especially for those suffering from allergies and asthma. These spores spread easily and can be very difficult to eliminate without the help of a professional.

The best approach to keeping your family safe from the harmful effects of mold is to take the steps to prevent it before it becomes a problem. Here are six tips to aid in mold prevention in Portland, OR:

  • Identify problem areas: Your first step is to identify any known problem areas in your home. Does your basement flood often, or is there a particular window that’s always coated in condensation? Take note of these areas and then consult a professional. It’ll be significantly cheaper to confront these areas now with professional mold prevention in Portland, OR.
  • Improve airflow: You don’t have to spend any money to decrease the likelihood of mold, as a simple furniture rearrangement may do the trick. Move furniture away from the walls in addition to opening closet doors and windows to promote more air circulation. Replacing any stale air with fresh air will help to prevent mold growth.
  • Properly ventilate to prevent moisture: Did you know that taking a shower or cooking dinner could cause mold to grow? These most basic tasks create moisture, which could lead to mold growth if the area is not properly ventilated. Vent any moisture producing appliances, such as a stove, to the outside and run an exhaust fan during and after your showers to minimize moisture levels.
  • Keep surfaces clean and dry: Your floors and sinks are a hot spot for mold—especially when they’re wet. Keeping these areas clean will help alleviate the problem. Clean the surfaces with a mixture of bleach and warm water to kill off any spores. Once you’re done cleaning, take extra care to completely dry off any remaining moisture.
  • Clean and repair roof gutters: Mold growth could be spurred by something as easily repaired as a damaged or full gutter. Have your gutters cleaned and inspected regularly to curb any mold growth. Repair any compromised areas quickly, as they may cause water to leak into your home or damage your roof.
  • Fix any leaks: On that same note, any leaking pipes within your home should be repaired quickly to eliminate the chance of a mold problem developing. Leaking pipes are one of the most common causes of mold growth, as the problem can occur for months without being detected. The moisture will build up, creating the perfect environment for mold to thrive.

It’s not too late if you’ve already found mold within your home. Contact the professionals at Active Mold Control LLC today to take charge of the situation. Our team of specialists will work to remove it using trusted techniques and safe equipment and supplies before providing you with a plan for future mold prevention in Portland, OR.

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