Five Things to Avoid Before Your Visit from a Mold Inspector in Portland, OR

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When you are preparing your home for visitors, your natural inclination is to clean up before they arrive. When it comes to getting ready for your visit from a mold inspector in Portland, OR, however, cleaning up could interfere with the results of your inspection. Here are five things that you should try to avoid as you get ready for your mold inspection:

  • Air purification systems: Your mold inspector might be running tests to determine the amount of humidity and moisture that exist in your home’s air, and running humidifiers and dehumidifiers that intentionally affect the amount of moisture in the air could be a hindrance to the inspection. These appliances could potentially give an inspector air quality readings that are not accurate, which would make it harder to create the correct plan for mold removal in your home.
  • Heavy cleaning: In the days before your inspection, try to avoid any major cleaning if possible, particularly vacuuming and sweeping. These activities will usually stir up dust that could linger in the air during your inspection, obstructing the results. Working on any home DIY projects or construction that could similarly lead to an influx of dust particles should be avoided in the days just before your inspection, as well.
  • Cleaning products: Cleaning products can also affect the results of a mold inspection, as these products typically contain antibacterial agents that can mask the mold counts on certain surfaces. Air freshener sprays and plug-ins should also be avoided.
  • Don’t remove evidence: It is best that you not try to clean or remove any of the mold before your inspector comes, because in doing so you could be removing useful evidence that contains information that points to what type of mold you are dealing with. In addition, mold has to be handled and disposed of in a very specific manner because of its germination properties. If you are trying to clean and remove mold on your own, you might actually be assisting the travel of the mold and cross-contaminating other areas. If the mold begins spreading to areas that it wasn’t present in before, an even larger problem will be created, so it is best to leave things to the experts.
  • Ventilation: There are some cases in which there is mold growing both within your home and on the exterior, and these growths could potentially be two different species. In order to prevent any mixing of the inside samples with those to be collected from the outside, keep windows closed before your inspection, and avoid using fans during this time.

Avoiding these types of cleaning activities will ensure that your mold inspector in Portland, OR will be able to get the most accurate results, which is imperative when it comes to creating a plan for the future. Active Mold Control LLC is experienced with the inspecting, testing and remediation of molds of all kinds, so give us a call to set up an inspection if you suspect that you have a mold infestation.

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