Why You Need a Mold Inspection in Portland, OR

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A mold inspection is the first step in confirming or preventing a mold infestation. Without the inspection, a mold problem can go unanswered and cause effects later. It is also possible that a problem blamed on mold may have nothing to do with it, so any remediation efforts will fail to solve the issues. Here are five situations where you need to order a mold inspection in Portland, OR:

  • Previous mold problem: It can take several tries to destroy mold completely. That is due to the travel potential and lifespan of mold spores, which allow it to reproduce quickly. After mold removal, it is common to arrange for a follow-up inspection to eliminate any remaining spores. Also, if you are considering buying a property that had a mold problem in the past, a mold inspection will confirm whether you will need to deal with that problem again.
  • Water-related disaster: Anytime excess water invades your home, mold is a possibility. These events can include a basement flood, a burst pipe or a toilet overflowing. Even a constantly dripping pipe leads to water accumulation that can attract mold. When you encounter these problems, paying for a mold inspection once the area dries out is a good precaution. Mold can be easier to remove if you catch it early.
  • Sudden respiratory symptoms: If you or anyone else on your property starts sneezing or complaining of itchy eyes, there is a chance of mold infestation if these symptoms are sudden and not attributed to a cold or other allergies. In homes, it may seem as if everyone is sick at once, and in workplaces, many employees will complain of symptoms at the same time. These symptoms can become more serious, and in business situations, you can end up with workers’ compensation claims. So, when these symptoms have no other explanation, schedule a mold inspection.
  • Delayed construction projects: Mold often arises in new buildings because a delay in construction during the winter leads to water accumulation that is not detected. Even if the water dries up, mold can make itself at home and grow as additional building material provides it with needed nutrition. If your project faces these circumstances, arrange for a mold inspection before you put up drywall and provide fuel for more mold growth. It will be easier to remove mold on a partially built building.
  • New home purchase: If you have a household member who suffers from asthma or severe allergies, it is a good precaution to inspect for mold before you buy. Buildings may have mold that is not dangerous, but if there is any level of black mold or high levels of other molds, you may want to consider looking at another home. While mold can be annoying to those who do not suffer these conditions, it can lead to hospitalization for those who are more vulnerable.

If you need a mold inspection in Portland, OR, call Active Mold Control LLC to schedule an appointment. We also provide mold removal and prevention services if your inspection reveals an outbreak.

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