The Challenges of Mold Removal in Portland, OR

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Customers frequently wonder why mold removal is difficult and why it often takes multiple visits to complete the job. The wet and humid climate here, plus the specific characteristics of mold, creates a serious problem as well as remediation challenges. Here are five attributes that complicate mold removal in Portland, OR:

  • It can grow anywhere: Mold on walls and in attics is expected for most of our customers. However, it also beds down in drywall, HVAC ducts and carpet. Spores also get into cinderblock cracks, so you can experience mold growth in the darkest crevices. When respiratory issues start, customers often feel frustrated because they cannot see any obvious signs of mold growth and often need to invest in an extensive inspection. This emphasizes why we need to be thorough when removing mold and address any possible spot where it will live.
  • Mold grows quickly: Once it finds a good location, mold will grow in as little as 48 hours. This occurs because its primary food source is the organic elements in building materials. Cellulose, which helps mold thrive, is found in drywall, wallpaper, wood and upholstery. That is why mold will continue to thrive unless destroyed, and sometimes spores will start growing a new infestation even after we address the original one.
  • Spores are made for survival: Even if remediation efforts remove the present mold, that does not mean the spores are neutralized. Mold spores are lightweight and difficult to track. They can attach to people and pets, which helps them move to new spaces and create another outbreak. Spores survive a long time once they are released, so once mold is removed, there is often a follow-up visit to check for new growth. Stopping new growth is a big effort in mold removal.
  • Portland is perfect for mold: High humidity and water accumulation support mold growth. If a pipe bursts or water floods into your basement after a heavy rainstorm, there is a good chance you will find mold growth in the future. Wet climates are optimal for creating mold outbreaks, which is why mold is so common in this area. Anytime you have an incident that involves water, like a small pipe leak or a toilet overflowing, dry the affected room thoroughly so you reduce your chances of mold.
  • You may need to remove floor or wall panels: Mold can grow in inconvenient spaces, like inside your walls or under your floorboards. Sometimes, for successful removal, you need to remove wall or floor panels. If wallpaper or other décor is ground zero for your mold problem, that may need to be removed and replaced. Mold often leads to deconstruction efforts just to assure you get rid of it once and for all. This can become expensive, but the health problems resulting from mold are much worse.

Active Mold Control LLC is your specialist when it comes to mold removal in Portland, OR. If you suspect mold, we can test your property and advise you on how to proceed. Call today to start the mold removal process.

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