Everything You Need to Know About VOCs and Our New Mold Testing Services in Portland, OR

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New technology allows us to not only test for the presence of mold, but also for the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that could be lurking in your home. Since this is a bit of a complicated and important subject, we want you to know about VOCs and our new mold testing services in Portland, OR.

What are VOCs?

VOCs are gases that are emitted from certain solids and liquids. VOCs include a wide variety of chemicals that are found in a ton of everyday products. Some of the most common sources of VOCs include paints and varnishes, cleaning supplies and fuels (like gasoline). VOCs are also found in building materials, as well as office equipment like printers and copiers. Since they’re found in everyday products, the EPA estimates that VOC levels are two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.

Some VOCs are harmless, but many of them have short-term and/or long-term health effects on people who are subjected to them for a long period of time. Health effects include minor problems like eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea or a loss of coordination. However, the effects of VOCs can also be more serious. VOCs are suspected to cause certain types of cancer after prolonged exposure, and can also damage livers, kidneys and central nervous systems.

How are VOCs relevant to mold?

VOCs don’t just come from household items. They can also be emitted by dangerous black mold. Since our specialty is testing for and removing mold, we’ve recently added VOC testing to our mold testing services in Portland, OR.

How does VOC testing work?

VOC testing on mold usually involves using tape to take a surface sample from a mold-affected area and sending it to a lab to be evaluated. You can actually purchase these kits and do the testing yourself, but while this system works, it doesn’t provide all of the information about VOCs that we think our customers need. We use a new system in order to provide the most accurate data regarding the VOC levels that are being emitted from mold.

How does our VOC testing work?

We have several ways of testing for VOCs, but our newest method involves some of the best technology around. Our new method of testing involves using a precision vacuum pump attached to a small tube that traps the dangerous VOCs. Once the VOC sample is inside the tube, it’s sent to a lab to be researched. Once the results are back, our professionals will go over all of the necessary information with you. After we’ve explained everything, we can get right to work removing the dangerous mold so you won’t have to worry about being exposed to any more toxic mold and the VOCs that come along with it.

Your health and your property can both be negatively impacted by the presence of mold. Contact Active Mold Control LLC to learn more about our VOC mold testing services in Portland, OR and how we can help get rid of your mold situation.

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