Why Clearing Vents Could Prevent Mold

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Although mold is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it shouldn’t be popping up in your house. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances both beyond and within your control, mold can become an issue in your home.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that mold needs specific conditions in order to form, and if you take certain steps, like clearing your air vents, you can prevent mold from growing in your home in Portland, OR. This article will cover how mold can develop in your home, its effects and the symbiotic relationship between air vents and mold.

How does mold form?

Mold is a type of naturally occurring fungi that grows in environments that are high in moisture and humidity. In parts of the country like Portland, OR, where it rains a lot, this can present a problem.

You may have a proper gutter system to move rainwater away from your home, but that’s not always enough. The humid climate combined with inadequate airflow can allow mold to grow in your home’s air vents.

Once mold spores get into your house, they can be transported through the air vents, and it’s hard to get them out. If you suspect your house has mold, you should look anywhere that smells dank or musty and search areas where more moisture is likely to be present, like bathrooms or the basement.

How does keeping air vents clear prevent mold?

If there is sufficient airflow in and out of your home’s ventilation ducts, you’ll usually be safe from mold. But if there are issues with the ducts, like blockages or a lack of insulation, the temperature changes in the air can lead to condensation, which is just another word for moisture. And as we explained earlier, where there is moisture, there can be mold.

You should go around your house and check to make sure there’s nothing blocking the air vents in your home, like furniture or clothing. You should also check to make sure the vents are open. You want the air to be able to freely flow throughout your house.

If you haven’t insulated your HVAC air ducts, you should hire a professional to do that. Uninsulated air ducts can be prone to extreme temperature changes, which gives most mold a place to take hold. If the company you hired for the insulation can examine and clean your home’s HVAC ducts as well, you should have them do that too. It would be wise to have your air ducts checked and cleaned every couple of years.

Here is one more useful tip to prevent mold in your air ducts: invest in a good dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture in areas susceptible to humidity, like the basement.

Call us about your mold concerns today

Now that you know how clearing air vents can help with mold prevention, contact Active Mold Control LLC to schedule service in Portland, OR. We’re the experts when it comes to mold removal, and we can test and check your home to ensure you and your family are safe from harmful airborne spores.

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