What Happens if You Find Radon in Your Home?

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Although radon occurs naturally in the environment, it becomes incredibly dangerous and even lethal when it’s trapped inside a home. Radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. behind smoking, and results in 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year.

Setting up radon detectors is the easiest way to detect radon in homes in Portland, OR. But what happens when those detectors go off? This post will answer that question and more.

Confirm that there’s a problem

After you’ve detected radon, our first piece of advice is to stay calm and double-check that there actually is a radon problem. Radon levels can fluctuate, and detectors can give false-positive tests. There are radon testing kits available online or at hardware stores. Follow the instructions on the kit, then send the kit to a testing lab. The lab will confirm whether the radon levels are something you need to worry about or if you can safely ignore them.

Hire a pro

Assuming the second test indicates there’s a problem, your next step is to hire radon mitigation services in Portland, OR. A team of professionals will come to your home and likely install a radon mitigation system. This system essentially sucks harmful radon gas from under your foundation and expels it outside through a vent.

Although these measures won’t necessarily meet the standards established by professionals or the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA), homeowners can perform some DIY tasks to remove radon from their homes. DIY measures include sealing any cracks in the foundation and improving airflow throughout the home.


Your radon mitigation contractors will retest your home after they’ve installed the mitigation system. However, it’s up to you to keep an eye on the radon levels. Be sure to call the team again if the levels start to rise or suddenly spike. If that’s the case, the pros will need to take further mitigation measures.

We’re your team for radon mitigation

You can trust Active Mold Control LLC when it comes to treating radon in homes in Portland, OR. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Up-to-date mitigation methods: Thanks to advances in technology, the radon mitigation industry is always changing. We stay current on the latest mitigation techniques to ensure our clients’ homes are safe and radon free.
  • Guaranteed results: When you call our team, you can trust it’ll be the last time you ever have to deal with radon. Thanks to our experience and current methods, radon should never be a problem in your home again.
  • Pricing: Getting rid of that nasty radon is a must. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune on your mitigation system. That won’t be a problem when you come to us! From testing to mitigation, all of our services are fairly and competitively priced.

The choice is clear when you need radon mitigation services in Portland, OR: hire Active Mold Control LLC. Give us a call today to schedule professional testing or to get a quote for a radon mitigation system.

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