We’re Offering Mold Services to Hurricane-Affected Areas!

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Mildew and mold are a constant annoyance to homeowners and business owners who are located in damp and humid climates. These organisms thrive in wet conditions and can do damage to property and even cause health concerns to people who are exposed to them. Even though some mold growth can simply be a result of living in an area with high humidity, the issue can be exacerbated when additional factors come into play. Extreme weather can cause extensive damage to structures in its path, including flooding, which eventually causes the growth of mold and mildew.

The hurricanes that made landfall in Florida and Texas in recent weeks, Harvey and Irma, have left extensive destruction and damage to homes and businesses. The cleanup effort after these hurricanes is extensive and there are almost too many moving parts to keep track of for residents, business owners and those providing relief to the individuals and areas that have been impacted. One significant concern in the minds of everyone involved in the devastation is the newly introduced ecosystem of fungal growth that must now be contended with. In other areas of the country, such as in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the flooding that occurred during a storm is still causing negative effects for residents. The mold growth in buildings throughout New Orleans poses significant health risks to the people living there.

The World Health Organization has recognized the harmful effects that mold in the home or workplace can have on health. Some of the symptoms that they identify include respiratory issues, allergies, asthma and immune system issues. Because of all of the issues that are associated with mold growth, it is no wonder why mold removal services have been made such a high priority in Texas and Florida. The issue is considered to be so important that Texas has already waived licensing requirements for mold remediation projects in areas affected by the hurricane. Florida, too, will soon permit licensing requirements to be waived in order to expand the options that property managers, contractors, insurance companies and homeowners and business owners have access to when it comes to mold removal in Portland, OR and elsewhere.

Mold removal services

In response to the great need for mold removal services in hurricane-affected areas in Florida and Texas, and with the recent licensing waivers in mind, Active Mold Control LLC has taken steps to help. We have become licensed in Texas, and we are in the process of becoming licensed in Florida, to provide emergency mold remediation services to the residents and business owners who have been affected by Harvey and Irma. This isn’t the first time that we have offered our services in response to a disaster. In 2005, when New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina, we provided mold assessments to over 150 different properties that were affected by the storm. We have been providing comprehensive mold removal in Portland, OR and beyond for years, and we continue to offer our clients the very best service available. If you’d like to learn more about what we do or how we can help you, simply call us today.

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