Introduction to the Different Options for Mold Testing in Portland, OR

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If you suspect that you might have a mold issue, mold testing in Portland, OR could be one of the methods used to help create a clearer picture of what type of mold you are dealing with, and to what extent. Consider some of the following mold testing options that could be used in your home.

Air samples

Air testing is a type of mold test that collects a sample of the mold spores that exist in the air in your home, and can be used to determine what species and type of mold you have. One of the most common air tests that is conducted is called a spore trap. A section of air passes through a sticky surface on its way to being restricted in the spore trap mechanism, along with the rest of the air particles that were present in the area the sample was taken from. The mold spores are then separated from the rest of the particles, and from there are able to be characterized and quantified, which is critical to designating the best removal and prevention plan.

Surface samples

There are a few different ways that surface samples can be conducted, but the idea behind them is the same as air sampling. Swab testing of moldy areas is a common method that is conducted very similarly to an at-home DNA test, using an industrial swab to retrieve a sample of the mold that is growing on a specific surface in your home. Tape sampling uses the same methodology as the spore trap, but the piece of tape is placed on the designated testing area and the adhesive is used to collect the testing material directly. There is another form of testing that is a type of surface sampling, but is often referred to as a bulk sample. A bulk sample is when a piece of the mold-infested area is actually removed and taken away so that the entire piece can be tested.

The differences between inspection and testing

It is easy to confuse mold testing with mold inspections because they both serve similar functions in helping you determine the extent of the mold issue in your home. A mold inspection is a more visual-based examination that combines other components such as moisture and humidity testing to create a comprehensive picture of the problem. Mold testing on the other hand intends to isolate the mold so that its qualities can be studied independently to determine the species, as well as how much mold might be present.

A mold inspection and mold testing in Portland, OR might be two different things, but they do work together to help create an organized and effective remediation program. If you believe that mold might be growing in your home, Active Mold Control LLC is ready to help determine just what you are dealing with, in addition to putting a plan in place to help prevent mold issues in the future. Call us today to schedule a visit and begin the process of ridding your property of mold!

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